Quarterly Newsletter – October 2020

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SPRING NEWSLETTER 2020 A Cause For Optimism This Spring

As the pandemic begins to recede, hopefully not to return, and as spring blooms in the southern hemisphere, there is cause for optimism for the future. The arrests of some of those involved in the corrupt activities of the past ten years or so is also reason for some optimism.

Accountability Now remains hopeful that the national cabinet will take seriously the resolution of the National Executive Committee of the ANC which calls for the urgent establishment of a single permanent independent entity to “deal with” corruption. That resolution sounds rather like what we have been calling for since victory in Glenister II in 2011 and it happily puts the ANC NEC and the Constitutional Court on the same page as regards countering the corrupt since the ANC resolved to disband the Scorpions in 2007. That fateful decision turned out to be step one of State Capture.

As we now read in the media, the recent arrests of those accused of corruption and its nefarious cousins were accompanied by preservation orders and the curatorship of all assets subject to those orders. This development is heartening ; and we await the first extraterritorial preservation orders / Mareva Injunctions and suchlike against those individuals or entities who exited their loot from SA through the international banking system. Accountability Now has been in the forefront of those calling for these remedies and advising quietly in the background on how to use them. Welcoming in the spring season, and the new growth it symbolizes. Countering the Corrupt: Book Update
Speaking of countering the corrupt, the book with that title, commissioned by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and written during the lockdown by Paul Hoffman with chapters from Richard Goldstone and Cynthia Stimpel, all of Accountability Now is nearing completion with the entire text of the third draft delivered to Nairobi for final editing and input well ahead of schedule at the end of September 2020. Accountability Now Activities
As it is that time of year for reporting to the Department of Social Development, it is not necessary to provide details in this newsletter, the entire report is on the website here: Read more Staff News
We are enjoying an unusually stable period and have all survived the lockdown relatively unscathed. Productivity increased due to the “social distancing” requirements of the lockdown regulations in SA.

The book for KAS was an idea in April and had reached its completed third draft by the end of September. The rush to do so caused other work to be neglected. One of our supporters, who will remain nameless, even wrote early in October to enquire about the absence of any written input in the media since 21 September! The television and radio interviews and putting the book to bed have occupied a great deal of time in that period. There are several opinion pieces on the website to which the reader is referred. Their flow will now be resumed as the book is not as demanding of time as it was while its third draft was under preparation.

Keeping a watchful eye on the sterling work of Sproute on the website is still the most efficient way to keep an eye on our progress toward a truly accountable and responsive order in Southern Africa.
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We wish our Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, well on his birthday – he was born in Klerksdorp on 7 October 1931. The Arch has truly blessed us with his keen interest in our work and his support over the years.

May your birthday be a blessed one Arch! Accountability Now Share Tweet Forward Know your Rights, Claim your Rights – is a great handbook providing a straightforward overview of the Constitution of South Africa, setting out the basic constitutional rights and responsibilities of all South Africans. Download Your Free Copy Accountability Now is committed to upholding South Africa’s constitutionalism through the inculcation of the values of accountability and responsiveness to the needs of the people of the region in its governments, parastatal organisations and civil society, including business and industry.
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