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Chapter 9

LETTER: Can we expect more ANC talking, compacting and dithering?

Sub-committees of the ANC’s NEC are still talking about anticorruption ‘recommendations’ two years after its resolution pointed in the right direction 04 August 2022 – 16:15 It is most appropriate that the hastily arranged “social sector summit” (part of the president’s “call … to address the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality”) is […]

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Hoffman tells DA its cadre deployment battle ‘too widely framed’

27th July 2022by Michael Appel Accountability Now’s Advocate Paul Hoffman has penned an expansive explanation on the history, intention, and chances of the DA succeeding in its legal action – in its current scope – to have the ANC’s deployment committee and cadre deployment ruled unlawful and unconstitutional. Hoffman believes the official opposition stands a […]

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LETTER: Eskom revival should start with prosecutions

State would do well to act on its August 2020 anti-corruption resolution by quickly establishing a Chapter 9 integrity commission mandated to prevent, combat, investigate and prosecute graft 14 JULY 2022 – 20:38 One can only hope that the anticipated presidential announcement in relation to addressing the shortcomings in SA’s power supply will take a […]

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Graft Settlements – time for South Africa to join the global movement towards non-trial resolutions

By Colette Ashton Follow 06 Jul 2022 Unlike amnesty, non-trial resolutions have built-in mechanisms to incentivise improvements in corporate culture. Among other things, companies typically only receive a non-trial resolutions after they have paid back a substantial sum of money. Listen to this article 0:00 / 13:34BeyondWords Traditional methods of prosecuting corruption are not well […]

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State Capture And Consequences | Radio 786

We’ve had just about a week to digest the latest instalment of the State Capture report. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s failure to address corruption at various levels of government, and within the governing party has been widely criticised. Several parastatals have also been eaten away by dubious deals and corrupt politicians, leaving South Africans with an […]

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In order to encourage and empower citizens to get actively involved and to pursue their rights, the KAS Rule of Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa in conjunction with Kenyatta University Law School has produced a documentary showcasing prominent Kenyan environmental law cases that can serve as a positive example of how ordinary citizens and communities […]

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