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Arms Deals Case

Press Release: Quaker Peace Centre seeks to overturn R35 billion in Arms Deal

The Quaker Peace Centre (QPC) has instituted a claim against the South African government to cancel that component of the Arms Deal with British Aerospace [Operations] limited (BAe) and to recover some R35 billion for the beleaguered SA fiscus. The claim which is based on the unconstitutionality and illegality of that component, concentrates on the […]

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Seriti And A Surreal Start

On 5 August 2013, almost two years after its appointment, the Seriti Commission, or to give it the formal name chosen, the Arms Procurement Commission (APC), sat for the first time. Not surprisingly, and without apology, the abortive hearing started late in the Sammy Marks Conference Centre in downtown Pretoria with fire trucks outside, the […]

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Seriti Commission – Round Two Set To Commence

The Seriti commission may be about to kick off its second attempt at hearing evidence, having aborted a long-awaited hearing scheduled for March this year. The abandoned hearing would have seen a parade of whistle blowers telling their stories and explaining the content of books that they have written on the subject of misfeasance and […]

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Two Days At The Arms Deal Inquiry

My First Two Days as an IFAISA Intern at the Seriti Commission. The Arms Procurement Commission (APC) chaired by Judge Willie Seriti has been dogged by scandal in the last few months. The first two days that I spent at the APC were no different. As an intern with the Institute for Accountability in Southern […]

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Searching For Seritiman

The postponement of the first hearing of the Seriti Commission into malfeasance, irregularities and corruption in the notorious arms deals and the imaginary off-set deals that accompanied them back in 1999 is not necessarily a bad thing. The Arms Procurement Commission, to give it its proper name, is clearly not ready to start. The masses […]

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The Motto Of The Arms Procurement Commission

Its official; beneath its striking logo, the motto of the Arms Procurement Commission is writ large: “Transparency, Accountability and the Rule of Law”. A laudable collection of values to guide the Commission through the troubled waters it has to traverse in order to get to the truth of what occurred when the new South African […]

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