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Archbishop Tutu: “Climate Change Is Our Global Enemy”

Never before in history have human beings been called on to act collectively in defence of the earth. As a species, we have endured World Wars, epidemics, famine, slavery, apartheid and many other hideous consequences of religious, class, race, gender and ideological intolerance. People are extraordinarily resilient. The earth has proven pretty resilient, too. It’s […]

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Fracking in the Karoo - Accountability

Fracking In The Karoo – A Scary Story

  A novel but functional alliance has been created between Afriforum and the well- known international prize winning lobby group called Treasure the Karoo Action Group (TAG). The similarity in acronym with the better know Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) grouping that succeeded in weaning the South African government off AIDS denialism and into the state […]

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