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Corruption: Now more than ever we need an integrity commission – IFP

Narend Singh | 08 July 2020 Narend Singh says current anti-corruption structures are slow to react The losing battle against corruption: Now more than ever we need an integrity commission 8 July 2020 The devastating impact of many years of corruption have left an indelible mark on the people of South Africa, particularly the most […]

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Paul Hoffman: ‘Refreshing, inspiring’ afternoon with Three Musketeers, Rupert and friends

9th July 2020 by Editor The BizNews webinar that unpacked the extraordinary story of the 43-year business partnership and friendship between Laurie Dippenaar, Paul Harris and GT Ferreira attracted close on 2,000 attendees – none of whom were disappointed. As expected, the webinar proved to be an hour of powerful sharing and business wisdom from […]

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Mashaba’s People’s Dialogue is mapping out a way towards effective corruption busting

Opinionista • Paul Hoffman • 2 July 2020 It is encouraging to see that the party created by the ‘accidental’ former Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, The People’s Dialogue, is seeking to develop a policy that is capable of successfully addressing corruption. In these times of fiscal belt-tightening and with the threat of a sovereign debt […]

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Govt has failed to implement new social grant – C19 People’s Coalition Shaeera Kalla

Shaeera Kalla | 28 June 2020 Covid-19 devastation in South Africa is more acute because we remain one of the most unequal societies Media Statement: Adjusted Budget Confirms Government’s Failure to Implement the New Social Grant 26 June 2020 The South African government has reneged on its promise to assist those who have been further […]

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Graft is the killer hippo in the room

Politicians are too weak-kneed to act on state capture, irregular expenses and wasting of public funds 28 June 2020 – 17:23 Paul Hoffman Picture: SUNDAY TIMES The well-chosen hungry hippo metaphor used by the finance minister last week is apt in many ways, especially as the hippo is the most dangerous large mammal to humans […]

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Feeding poor people: The national government has failed

By Jeremy Seekings• 2 June 2020 (Daily Maverick) But civil society, provincial and local governments have tried to fill the gap. First published by GroundUp Summary National government has comprehensively failed to feed poor people during the lockdown it imposed on them.Under the lockdown, the national government shut down its massive school feeding programme, depriving […]

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