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The best possible future for the National Prosecuting Authority

The NPA will blossom on new National Director of Public Prosecutions Shamila Batohi’s watch, if it is relieved of the burden of prosecuting state capturers and the seriously corrupt in high places. It is sobering to reflect on the fact that the announcement of the appointment of Shamila Batohi, as National Director of Public Prosecutions, […]

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Sunday Times needs to expose rotten “sources”

JOHANNESBURG — This week’s edition of the Sunday Times had another apology given the fake news published on at least a trifecta of articles. The most damaging the Sars Rogue Unit, with the Zimbabwean Renditions and Cato Manor Death Squad pieces also doing the newspaper and its readers no favours. The newspaper will now hand […]

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AU must up its game if it wants to engage Africans on corruption

An All Africa Anti-Corruption Court, exercising its jurisdiction on the basis of complementarity, could rapidly develop into an effective institution for recovery of Africa’s wealth that has been lost to the corrupt. Giving the court powers to prevent the dissipation of assets acquired corruptly and to require reparations from the corrupt could change the entire […]

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LETTER: Dikgang Moseneke’s slumber

The use of the phrase “we went to sleep for 10 years” (on former president Jacob Zuma’s watch) by the outgoing Wits chancellor and former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke, was part commentary and part confession. The commentary has been widely responded to, the confession not. Moseneke was one of the co-authors of the seminal […]

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The integrity factor

Paul Hoffman writes on the key missing ingredient in our system of governance. The challenge of the integrity/trust/confidence/investment vs jobs/poverty alleviation/equality promotion calculation. It works like this: 1. Without firm and established probity in strong systems of governance and integrity in the character and actions of those who govern there is no trust in the […]

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LETTER: Cadre deployment fuelled state capture

The governing alliance routinely ignores the constitution in order to pursue its private interests. Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo asked former cabinet member Barbara Hogan whether anything in the law facilitated state capture. This is a good question. It appears the constitution was, and is, routinely ignored and flouted by the governing alliance’s delinquents to […]

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Pontius Pilate Prasa: Step up, get back on track

The shameless washing of hands by the Prasa leadership as regards responsibility for the safety of trains and rail commuters who are still sufficiently brave, or without an alternative, to use them, brings to mind the actions of a certain Roman Governor of Palestine who behaved similarly in relation to accountability for the crucifixion of […]

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