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Dear Mr President/ Secretary of the Constitutional Reform Committee of the National Assembly

Re: Reform of the criminal justice administration to render it fit for the purpose of countering corruption

Grand corruption is still not being properly dealt with in South Africa. The matter is urgent; it will not help to wait three years while the proposed Advisory Council deliberates – there may be nothing left to steal in three years.

The best way to stop corruption in South Africa is for the government urgently to create a constitutionally compliant  entity that is able to prevent, combat, investigate and prosecute corruption, while raking back the loot already stolen. Only a specialised and well-trained Chapter 9 Integrity Commission (Ch9IC), that is independent, well-resourced and secure in its tenure of office, will have the power to bring the corrupt to justice.

Kindly refer to the “Chapter Nine” page of the Accountability Now website https://accountabilitynow.org.za/corruption/ where draft laws addressing the issues around grand corruption and the creation of a Ch9IC in SA are suggested.

The suggestions made are, I would respectfully say, worthy of consideration by cabinet and processing by parliament.

I am also writing to the Secretary of the Constitutional Reform Committee of the National Assembly about this pressing challenge to a better life for all.

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