LETTER: Gigaba not fit for office

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The Afrikaans idiom “benoude katte maak benoude spronge” is not adequately translated into English as “fortune favours the brave”. The state of panic essential to the actions of the proverbial cat is, however, brought to mind by the latest concoction dished up on behalf of beleaguered Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba.

A lateral-thinking legal mind has, somewhat belatedly for the appeal against an unsuccessful appeal stage of the proceedings, come up with the notion that it was illegal and unconstitutional for the minister to give the Oppenheimers permission to establish a VVIP (very, very important person) terminal at OR Tambo International Airport.

Quite apart from the fact that this line of defence was not raised by any party, or indeed by any court, at any earlier stage in the matter, at its root is the tacit admission that Gigaba is so incompetent as not to know when he is breaking the law and violating the Constitution. This leaves the president with the choice of having either a mendacious or an incompetent colleague.

The only way forward for the president is to relieve Gigaba of his post, as neither those proven to be mendacious nor those who are, by their own admission, incompetent, should grace his Cabinet.

Paul Hoffman
SC Director, Accountability Now
Letter published in BusinessDay on 17 April 2018.

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1 Comment

  1. Bernard Nyathi

    The letter by the respected Advocate Paul Hoffman is spot on.Gigaba is a scalawag of note and has proven over the years in cabinet that he is a criminal who should long have been prosecuted.He does not belong to the cabinet.Further,I would go so far as to say the ANC is a criminal organisation that has captured the South African state.They have sold our hard-won sovereignity


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