Gupta extradition | Hoffman: It is a complete mess

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JOHANNESBURG – Accountability Now’s Paul Hoffman from says it would be a waste of time to appeal the Gupta extradition decision now.

He says the Gupta brothers are now allegedly in Switzerland, and the UAE does not have the jurisdiction to extradite anyone from there.

South Africa’s request was denied by a court in the United Arab Emirates.

Hoffman said, “in the absence of any representation by South Africa in the UAE, the Guptas were successful in their opposition to the extradition and they were allowed to go free.

“There was no fall back position, there was no instruction to the UAE that if for any reason the application does not succeed, please note in the plea, immediately and apply for the Guptas to be held in custody until the appeal is finished.”

“The announcement that there is going to be an appeal is academically very interesting but I imagine the UAE courts will say, “what’s the point?”, they’re already gone, they’re apparently in Switzerland…”

“It’s a complete mess and I’m afraid the ministry of justice, the department of justice, and the prosecuting authority must all be put on the carpet at the Justice Portfolio committee of the National Assembly to answer questions as to why they’ve acted with such lack of accountability.”

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