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Integrity Commission

We need an Integrity Commission… now

After nearly two months of analysis and introspection by the African National Congress concerning its setbacks in the municipal elections of August 3, 2016, its National Executive Committee has come up with a three-point plan to win back electoral support. Accelerated creation of jobs, curbing of crime and cracking down on corruption are the three […]

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South Africa needs Integrity Commission

The nation proceeds at its peril towards an economic and political precipice of pandemic proportions if it continues to pretend that the ship of state will somehow right itself automatically and sail serenely away from that precipice. People of goodwill must take charge of their destiny. By PAUL HOFFMAN. Commentators and the twitterati are abuzz, […]

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Time to talk integrity: Accountability Now

Accountability Now director Paul Hoffman considers what President Jacob Zuma should say in his State of the Nation address on February 11 28 January 2016 -The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is one of the highlights of the annual political calendar. The President, acting as Head of the National Executive, assembles parliamentarians, provincial premiers […]

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