Human Rights Day #KnowYour27Rights Campaign

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The Bill of Rights is the most important part of our Constitution as ordinary people are concerned and is stated under section 7 (1) of the Constitution to be ‘a conerstone of democracy in South Africa’.

Accountability Now is commemorating Human Rights Day with 27 days of activism, highlighting one right per day for 27 days on social media. IFAISA will be encouraging the press to support this initiative through articles and discussion.

We are pleased to announce that for the 27 days following the celebration of Human Rights Day we will be unpacking and discussing the human rights guaranteed to all in the Bill of Rights day by day section by section on social media as follows:

Day 1 22/3      Section 9:   Equality

Day 2 23/3      Section 10: Human Dignity

Day 3 24/3      Section 11: Life

Day 4 25/3      Section 12: Freedom of Security of the person

Day 5 26/3      Section 13: Slavery, servitude and forced labour

Day 6 27/3      Section 14: Privacy

Day 7 28/3      Section 15: Freedom of religion, belief and opinion

Day 8 29/3      Section 16: Freedom of expression

Day 9 30/3      Section 17: Assembly, demonstration, picket and petition

Day 10 31/3    Section 18: Freedom of association

Day 11 1/4     Section 19: Political rights

Day 12 2/4      Section 20: Citizenship

Day 13 3/4     Section 21: Freedom of movement and residence

Day 14 4/4      Section 22: Freedom of trade, occupation and profession

Day 15 5/4     Section 23: Labour relations

Day 16 6/4     Section 24: Environment

Day 17 7/4      Section 25: Property

Day 18 8/4      Section 26: Housing

Day 19 9/4      Section 27: Health care, food, water and social security

Day 20 10/4    Section 28: Children

Day 21 11/4    Section 29: Education

Day 22 12/4    Section 30: Language and culture

Day 23 13/4    Section 31: Cultural, religious and linguistic communities

Day 24 14/4    Section 32: Access to information

Day 25 15/4   Section 33: Just administrative action

Day 26 16/4    Section 34: Access to courts

Day 27 17/4    Section 35: Arrested, detained and accused persons

We have identified experts and opinion leaders on the various human rights whose contact details we are willing to share for interview purposes with members of the media who wish to participate actively in our ongoing 27 day celebration of the Bill of Rights. Please share our daily posts if you support human rights.

The campaign #KnowYour27Rights, can be followed on:

The IFAISA website:

Facebook page: Accountability Now – Ifaisa

Twitter page: AccountNow_SA


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  1. Robert Matambo

    Congratulations on a great campaign idea! Good luck with the rolling out of the campaign and with your advocacy of the establishment of an Integrity Commission under Chapter Nine of the Coonstitution, a much needed step in confronting and combatting corruption, the arch enemy of human rights

    • @ifaisa

      Thank you Robert. Please do share the daily posts with your networks. Will start tomorrow. #HumanRightsDay #KnowYour27Rights

  2. Esme Coetzee

    It is a BASIC human RIGHT to BREATHE IN fresh air-even when LIVING in apartment buildings. To SMOKE tobacco products, is a CHOICE. Any smoker who quits smoking this moment, improves his chances to prolong LIFE. Should anyone stop BREATHING in this moment, DEATH is an inevitable CONSEQUENCE…Why are the RIGHTS of NON SMOKERS NOT actively being protected by the Body Corporate of apartment buildings?

    • Kathy

      that the material already exists but ends up on the cutting room floor (or whatever the digital equivalent is&#8.)221;Which is where it should stay, along with a lot more that makes it to air, masquerading as news. The only time a station of this kind could be valuable is when major news breaks. A full swing to bushfires or an earthquake, for instance, would be a push forward from often long delays.


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