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Almighty God, creator of all earthly life:

Bless the efforts and strengthen the resolve of those working to contain and on a cure to the worldwide corona virus pandemic.

Grant those who suffer or die of COVID-19, and those who are afraid of it, your peace.

Guide the medical researchers swiftly and surely to a vaccine that is effective and freely available to all soon.

Give them and all health workers your protection and inspiration, strengthen their tenacity, endurance and skill.

Help all those who govern wisely to work diligently and without delay to reach the sustainable development goals agreed by the United Nations by, in particular, accelerating the elimination of poverty, hunger and gross inequality while making access to quality healthcare available to all.

Grant that the reactions of government to the pandemic are sensible and proportionate to the threat it poses.

Bring all of your children to consciousness of the vulnerability of all life and of the delicate balance required for the circle of life to continue.

Raise awareness, O Lord, of the need to protect all life on earth by preserving biodiversity and eliminating climate change challenges so that we may all live and work to your praise and glory on a pandemic free planet.


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