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This sequence of photos illustrates the terrible sanitation problems in Masi, despite the same problems being reported repeatedly for months.

This toilet block in Z Section is one example.

The outlet pipes at the back of the toilets are old and cracked.

Sewerage leaks out and because of this the Community pile up sand etc to try to stop the leaking.

When one of the heads of the Sanitation Department was taken to see this problem months ago the response was that the main sewerage line underground was permanently blocked and could not be opened and that a sucker truck would have to be used to empty the line daily.

A few days later it was discovered that a pipe had been put into the underground line and it had been left open above the ground. So whenever a toilet was flushed, the sewerage, paper etc rushed out above the ground.

Recently we were horrified to discover raw sewerage pouring out of the drain at the tap. The open pipe has been closed with a white cover but now somehow the sewerage has been diverted to the pipe from the drain at the tap and up the sewerage comes. The sewerage runs between the shacks and into the canal.This is the only tap in the area where people collect drinking water and water for household use. So now the toilets can’t be used but are used.

The tap can’t be used but is used.

The drain can’t be used.

They are the only ones in the vicinity.

So we are back to buckets full of sewerage that are emptied into that canal.

Children play there!

This type of scenario is common to all the areas between the canals.






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