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The integrity factor

Paul Hoffman writes on the key missing ingredient in our system of governance. The challenge of the integrity/trust/confidence/investment vs jobs/poverty alleviation/equality promotion calculation. It works like this: 1. Without firm and established probity in strong systems of governance and integrity in the character and actions of those who govern there is no trust in the […]

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Zondo Commission into state capture to start hearings today

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture officially begins on Monday. For the first time, former president Jacob Zuma at some point is expected to give proper answers about his involvement in state capture. The commission is tasked with unravelling the full extent of corruption at state organs and allegations that Zuma […]

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Eskom board called on to prove utility not trading recklessly

The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa has written to Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza requesting a detailed written explanation as to why the current board believes the State-owned utility can be rescued from its current financial distress, cautioning that Eskom may currently be trading “recklessly” in terms of the legislation governing companies in South Africa. […]

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LETTER: The State Capture Commission should simply recommend prosecutions now

There are two provisions in the regulations for the State Capture Commission (SCC) that require careful scrutiny and, possibly, urgent revision. They are regulations 8(1) and 8(2) which read: • No person appearing before the commission may refuse to answer any question on any grounds other than those contemplated in section 3(4) of the Commissions […]

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22 January 2018 The Chairman Eskom Holdings SOC Limited Mr Mabuza Per email: …………………….. Copied to: The Minister of Finance The Minister of Public Enterprises Mr Mabuza Re: SOLVENCY AND LIQUIDITY OF ESKOM SOC LIMITED (“ESKOM”) 1. Customers of ESKOM who have paid advance service deposits for the supply of electricity by Eskom must be […]

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Red flags regarding the regulations for the State Capture Commission

On Friday 9 February 2018, the regulations relating to the State Capture Commission were published in the Government Gazette. But several red flags should be raised in relation to their content and effect. The question marks arising from the regulations relating to the State Capture Commission range from those appointed to similarities with previous, unsuccessful […]

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