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Integrity Commission

LETTER: Jacob Zuma gets some of his own medicine

The former president defamed Billy Downer dreadfully in an affidavit filed in his filibustering application for a permanent stay of his prosecution 15 April 2019 – 05:04 (Business Day) Jacob Zuma. Picture: SUPPLIED Karyn Maughan reports that prosecutor Billy Downer, SC, is fighting back against Jacob Zuma by invoking the newly minted evidential principle that […]

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LETTER: Voters should not tolerate corruption

The Hawks and the NPA constitute twin structures that have not been — and will never be — fit for countering grand corruption, state capture and kleptocracy in SA 21 March 2019 – 08:00 FinancialMail National Director of Public Prosecutions, Advocate Shamila Batohi. Picture: ALON SKUY I refer to your timely article, which thoroughly interrogates […]

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Political will is critical if the fight against corruption is to gain ground

The creation of an integrity commission deserves urgent support 24 June 2018 – 00:00 By UNATHI MPHENDU and NATASJA HOLTZHAUSEN (Sunday Times) In 2005, an era before the shutters came down on effective corruption-busting in South Africa, Scorpions mount a raid on Jacob Zuma’s home and those of his lawyers. Image: Greg Marinovich The growing […]

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LETTER: Integrity commission

11 March 2019 – 05:02 (Business Day) President Cyril Ramaphosa. One has to wonder what planet President Cyril Ramaphosa has been living on since 2011, which is when the Constitutional Court laid down, in the second Hugh Glenister case, the binding criteria it prescribes for effective and adequately independent anticorruption machinery of state. Doughty IFP […]

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The constitutional need for independent anti-corruption machinery of state

Lawyers and politicians have a penchant for making simple things complicated. It suits them to do so. In the case of lawyers, complex matters attract higher fees, or more kudos for intricate judgments for those lawyers who grace the Bench. In the case of politicians, it assists in bamboozling the long-suffering electorate to wrap questionable […]

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The integrity factor

Paul Hoffman writes on the key missing ingredient in our system of governance. The challenge of the integrity/trust/confidence/investment vs jobs/poverty alleviation/equality promotion calculation. It works like this: 1. Without firm and established probity in strong systems of governance and integrity in the character and actions of those who govern there is no trust in the […]

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An anti-corruption court and a TRC for the corrupt – really?

It is reported that the Catholic Bishops Conference favours the establishment of a specialised anti corruption court, while the SA Council of Churches is flirting with the idea of a TRC type process for the corrupt. Both of these proposals have the constitutionalists reaching for the eau de pippleparrot. Proposals that are not carefully thought […]

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