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Public Interest Litigation Cases

The Constitution, Education and Racism

The Constitution of South Africa is founded on the values of non-racialism and non-sexism. Yet, fifteen years after the introduction of multi-party democracy, the “race debate”, which focuses on the nation’s habitual racism, continues unabated and unresolved. It is obviously one thing to call a country dedicated to non-racialism, as the Constitution does, and entirely […]

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First Steps in Basic Education

Everyone in South Africa is entitled to a basic education. This is a right guaranteed to child and adult alike in our Bill of Rights. The state is obliged to promote and fulfill this right. It has not been doing so on a disastrous scale. The statistics are sobering; only 3.5% of the black (African) […]

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Public School Principals and the principles of accountability (cont.)

It is not alarmist to suggest that the public school system in South Africa is dysfunctional. The last year for which comprehensive statistics are available is 2007. In that year 278,000 black learners did emerge clutching their matriculation certificates proudly in their hands. Unfortunately, on being tested for their functional literacy, it emerged that only […]

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