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Public Interest Litigation Cases

The JSC falters again

According to its resolutions made public immediately after it met on 20 August 2011, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has been busy again. One of its resolutions requires further scrutiny and assessment. It reads that: “The JSC deliberated on whether it could call for further nominations other than that made by the President, and resolved […]

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The meaning and application of section 174(3) of the Constitution

Dear Mr President, Your constitutional responsibility to appoint a new Chief Justice ought to be exercised “after consulting the Judicial Service Commission and the leader of parties represented in the National Assembly”. These words are quoted from section 174(3) of the Constitution and are binding on you. The consulting process so envisaged is rendered nugatory […]

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The Arms Deals – Coming Home To Roost

On 12 November 2008 the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) held a protest meeting in St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. The theme of the evening was its demand for the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the arms deals. The entire leadership of the SJC was present for the occasion, the culmination of a […]

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