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Glenister Case

Glenister Anti-Corruption Challenge Winning Entry

The winning entry in the Glenister Anti-Corruption Challenge submitted by Liezl Munnik and Nicolette Louw from the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch. Submission to the Glenister Competition Frontpage Explanatory and Supplementary Notes to the Directorate of National Integrity Bill Directorate of National Integrity Act Proposed Constitutional Amendments to Chapter 9 of […]

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Glenister Anti-Corruption Challenge: Joint Runners Up Entry

Team ‘Justice League’ from Rhodes University Law faculty and team ‘Phoenix’ from Rhodes University Humanities faculty were chosen as joint runners up. Team ‘Justice League’s’ Entry Anti-Corruption Act Explanatory Memorandum Team ‘Phoenix’s’ Entry The Independent Anti-Corruption Commission Bill Memorandum for the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission Bill

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Police Services Amendment Act No. 10 of 2012

An amendment to the South African Police Services Act, 1995, in order to align the provisions relating to the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation with a judgement of the Constitutional Court; to amend those provisions in order to ensure that the Directorate has the necessary structural and operational independence to fulfil its mandate without undue […]

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Paper delivered at the Towards Carnegie 3 conference at UCT ( Introduction 1. The oft identified and so called “triple threats” (or threatening troika) facing South Africa in 2012 have been named as “poverty, inequality and unemployment”. Inequality is perpetuated and exacerbated as a by-product of poverty. Unemployment today is the result of the current […]

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Letter To The President Regarding The SAPS Amendment Bill

The purpose of this letter is to provide motivation for calling upon The President to exercise his responsibility under section 84(2)(c) of the Constitution by referring the SAPS Amendment Bill [B 7B-2012] (“the Bill”) to the Constitutional Court for a decision on its constitutionality rather than signing it into law. Letter to The President re […]

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