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A New Approach to Aid. How a Basic Income Program Saved a Namibian Village It sounds like a communist utopia, but a basic income program pioneered by German aid workers has helped alleviate poverty in a Namibian village. Crime is down and children can finally attend school. Only the local white farmers are unhappy. Von Dialika Krahe 10.08.2009, 00.00 Uhr The full, red Namibian sun is setting outside […]

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LETTER: Tackle the hunger menace now

The balance of money still held in the Solidarity Fund should be used immediately to alleviate hunger 08 June 2020 – 14:59 About 55% of South Africans (33-million souls) are marginalised, deleteriously affected by joblessness and underfed from living below the upper poverty datum line. According to Stats SA, the latest available figures (released nearly […]

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‘Ineptocracy’, not Covid-19, is the problem

Opinionista • Paul Hoffman • 17 May 2020 Government by the inept or ‘ineptocracy’, is presenting the populace of South Africa with more headaches than the virus that is threatening the lives of many people worldwide. As fate would have it, the Disaster Management Act, a poorly crafted piece of legislation intended to deal with […]

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