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Is Professor Balthazar a closet admirer of parliamentary sovereignty?

Opinionista • Paul Hoffman • 14 January 2021 The track record of lawfare in SA is long and not inglorious. The NGOs and individuals who have the courage to take up the cudgels of lawfare deserve support and encouragement, not criticism that ignores the tenets and fundamental thrust of the Constitution. Daily Maverick’s regular […]

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LETTER: Sahpra should give nod to ivermectin

12 January 2021 – 16:20 The SA Health Products Regulatory Authority says it has not yet received applications for clinical trials or the registration of Ivermectin, touted by some as a ‘miracle cure’ for Covid-19. Picture: 123RF/ALEXANDER RATHS Tamar Kahn’s report on the use of ivermectin for Covid-19 patients omits an important consideration that […]

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