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Corruption in South Africa: The Endemic Pandemic

14 April 2021 | Story Dr Nitha Ramnath 2021 UFS Thought-Leader Webinar Series PRESENTSa webinar on CORRUPTION IN SOUTH AFRICA: THE ENDEMIC PANDEMICAs a public higher-education institution in South Africa with a responsibility to contribute to public discourse, the University of the Free State (UFS) will be presenting the webinar as part of the Free State Literature […]

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Countering the corrupt

The what, who, where, why and how-to of countering corruption Paul Hoffman and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Hoffman-Countering-the-CorruptDownload First published 2021by Siber Ink CCPO Box 30702Tokai 7966Cape TownSOUTH© Konrad Adenauer StiftungISBN 978-1-928309-36-9 (print format)ISBN 978-1-928309-37-6 (pdf format) (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)The terms of this licence can be found at Typesetting by G J du ToitCover artwork […]

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– I will stop lying– I will stop denying the obvious (that is, lying to myself)– I will stop exaggerating, gossiping and slandering others– I will stop stealing– I will stop drinking excessively– I will stop womanizing and flirting– I will stop using foul language– I will stop telling dirty jokes and ethnic jokes– I […]

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