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Chapter 9

The Chief Parliamentary Legal Adviser has erred

Paul Hoffman | 06 December 2021 Paul Hoffman writes slow pace at which govt is moving on reform is unfortunate and should be accelerated in interests of avoiding failure The Chief Parliamentary Legal Adviser has erred 5 December 2021 This week the Constitutional Review Committee of the National Assembly will, according to its secretariat, consider […]

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Letter to President/Parliament

Dear Mr President/ Secretary of the Constitutional Reform Committee of the National Assembly Re: Reform of the criminal justice administration to render it fit for the purpose of countering corruption Grand corruption is still not being properly dealt with in South Africa. The matter is urgent; it will not help to wait three years while […]

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LETTER: Shamila Batohi is right to seek a ‘divorce’ from the justice department

Draft legislation was sent to parliament, the presidency and the NPA in August by Accountability Now 15 November 2021 – 15:39 National director of public prosecutions Shamila Batohi. National director of public prosecutions Shamila Batohi has in effect asked for a divorce from the department of justice. She is quite right to do so. […]

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A Good Governance Protocol for local govt

Paul Hoffman | 04 November 2021 Paul Hoffman says mustering political will to do what is needed shouldn’t be a stumbling block now that people have spoken Good Governance Protocol for the local sphere of government 4 November 2021 The disappointingly low turnout of voters in the local government elections hastily held on 1 November […]

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Adv Paul Hoffman podcast

Follow a discussion between the Foundation’s Chairman, Mr Dave Steward, and Institute for Accountability Director, Adv Paul Hoffman SC, about a number of matters concerning South Africa’s judiciary, the JSC and judge John Hlophe.

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