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Glenister Case

Tweaking The Hawks Won’t Cut It

The government is on a collision course concerning its wholly inadequate response to the judgment won by Bob Glenister in the Constitutional Court in March last year regarding the anti-corruption structures in South Africa. Having been given 18 months to pass remedial legislation deemed necessary by the Court, it has done nothing until the end […]

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Hawks Or Eagles – What Does SA Need And Deserve?

It must be galling for COSATU, having recently invested millions of rand of its members’ hard earned union contributions in the establishment of Corruption Watch, to observe that the political will of the ANC led government to match anti-corruption rhetoric with appropriate measures is sorely lacking. If cynical commentators are seeking proof positive of their […]

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Turkeys Don’t Vote For Xmas

As is its wont, the Department of Justice has waited until everyone is distracted by the year end festivities before slipping into the public domain a little information regarding an important matter. This time it concerns the official response to the judgment of the Constitutional Court in the Glenister matter. Previously a whole clutch of […]

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The Scorpions vs The Hawks – A Royal Battle

The Constitutional Court judgment handed down on Thursday last week involving Glenister versus the President of the Republic of South Africa, is undoubtedly a landmark judgement that is likely to spawn important political and constitutional consequences. It is probably one of the most significant, if not the most important judgment, handed down by the Constitutional […]

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