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Arms Deals Case

Seriti Commission Sails Into Stormy Waters

The purpose of a presidentially appointed commission of inquiry is that it serves as an instrument of policy advice. An objective look at an issue troubling government by judges sworn to act without fear, favour or prejudice is a salutary way of gleaning unbiased guidance on thorny issues that may confront the government of the […]

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The War Business Is Out-Of-Control

Address by Terry Crawford-Browne to Ceasefire Campaign workshop on the 2nd Global Day of Action on Military Spending, Johannesburg, April 17 2012 Almost a century ago, just before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, a British parliamentarian, Philip Snowden warned his colleagues: We are in the hands of an organisation of crooks. […]

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ECAAR-SA Annual Report By: Terry Crawford-Browne

The South African Arms Deal After 15 years since the 1996-1998 parliamentary Defence Review, I have finally on 17 November 2011 succeeded in South Africa’s Constitutional Court (counterpart of the US Supreme Court) in forcing President Jacob Zuma to appoint a judicial commission of inquiry into the “arms deal.” The history goes back to South […]

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Open Letter To Vas Soni SC

Dear Vas, Congratulations on your appointment as chief evidence leader in the Seriti Commission of Inquiry into wrongdoing in the procurement of armaments for the new South Africa. This is indubitably the brief of your life and a golden opportunity to assist the Commission with its task of exacting accountability in respect of all matters […]

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The Arms Deals – Coming Home To Roost

On 12 November 2008 the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) held a protest meeting in St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. The theme of the evening was its demand for the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the arms deals. The entire leadership of the SJC was present for the occasion, the culmination of a […]

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