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Reneé Caprari – Director

Reneé is a seasoned and decorated legal professional with 22 years of experience in her field. She is a member of the Legal Practitioners Council. She holds the degrees BLC LLB from the University of Pretoria. In 1998, she was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. She obtained rights of appearance in 1998.

Her tenure in the corporate world included leading the Legal, Litigation and Corporate Finance Teams with family owned financial business, Rentmeester Versekeraars Beperk. She also filled the roles of JSE Compliance Manager and Company Secretary for the listed parent, Rentsure Holdings. She was instrumental in moving Rentsure’s shares into the new electronic settlement system called STRATE.

Reneé advised across areas ranging from JSE Listings Compliance; Reinsurance Treaties to Business Crimes & Investigations. She gained speciality in protecting the interests of the company in forensic investigations. She also served the shareholders of the netting company Alnet where she gained experience in the drafting of Incoterms (set of rules defining the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of shipped goods under sales contracts)

Following the merger with Capital Alliance Limited and a short stint at Head Office, she was appointed Senior Legal Adviser with Liberty Holdings Limited. Reneé has worked on several leading Real Estate, Corporate Finance and other significant transactions.

In these roles she developed broad subject matter expertise, including:
Deal Structuring & Negotiation
Legal Operations & Budgeting
Management of Litigation Matters
Forensic Investigations
Mergers & Acquisitions
Real Estate Transactions
Information Technology & Escrow

Nowadays as a practicing legal and forensic expert, she immerses herself in sifting through evidence, assessment of claims; drafting of advice on merits in acquittal cases. She spends many hours extracting and opining on the relevant and useful information with evidentiary value. She determines the merits of a case by reviewing records to identify cause of action, proximate cause and damages. Reneé’s experience includes handling matters related to crime, white collar crime, and other financial crimes. She was first exposed to forensic investigations during her tenure at Rentmeester. The larger, more complex disputes and investigations involved volumes o electronic documents, electronic mails and other forms of data.
A great deal of Reneé’s time is also spent on pro bono work an important way of providing vital services to people in real need.

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