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Charles Moore – Director

Charles has been specialising in environmental filmmaking since 1984 and has produced over 300 television inserts for the SABC and M.Net as well as eight full-length documentaries for the local and international film market including the Discovery Channel. During the build-up to Democracy in SA in the 90’s he produced news inserts for various international networks.

Charles won the Star Tonight Award for best documentary on SABC and M.Net in 1990. Four inserts he produced for M. Net’s Carte Blanche programme were nominated for the SAB “Environmental Journalist of the Year” awards during the late nineties. A 48-min. documentary on “The Science of Tracking” which produced for the Discovery Channel in the UK was shown at the SA Film market in Cape Town as an example of excellence in documentary filmmaking.

Charles was series producer for the SABC on a 26-part series on the “World Summit for Sustainable Development” for which he negotiated sponsorship from the Anglo American group. He was content producer and researcher for the 2008/9 season of the environmental programme 50|50 after it was outsourced from the SABC. During this period the programme received several international awards for its achievements in the fields of conservation and wildlife. In 2010 he was appointed Series Producer, a position which he held till 2013 before going freelance again.

Charles is currently working as an independent documentary producer specifically addressing issues relating to the impact of climate change. In 2015 an international documentary film on the effects of fracking on humans and the environment “The High Cost of Cheap Gas” which he co-produced with Jeffrey Barbee and Ashleigh Hamilton-Moore won the European IFF Ekotopfilm – an International Festival of Sustainable Films.

Charles Moore

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