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Waterfront ‘can rise’ from ashes

On Sunday, 29 November 2015 about 800 informal dwellings in Masiphumelele were razed to the ground in a huge fire fanned by a strong south-easter. Two lives were lost in the conflagration and the future of many more looks bleak as greater Cape Town winds down for the festive season. Assuming an average of 5 persons per dwelling, some 4000 souls […]

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The effectiveness of our courts

Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General of the African National Congress, has, on occasion, dismissively described members of the judiciary as “counter-revolutionaries”. He has singled out the Gauteng North and Western Cape High Courts for his specific censure, given their propensity to find against the government in litigation brought to them by civil society public interest litigants […]

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Hawks incapable of fulfilling their corruption busting role

Durban – The Hawks have become incapable of investigating the politically connected, according to non-profit organisation Accountability Now. Accountability Now head Advocate Paul Hoffman was responding to the contents of a secret forensic investigation published by News24 this week, which alleged that three high ranking KwaZulu-Natal police officers were showered with gifts by a businessman […]

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Putting party before country

Clashing values undermine the development of SA 20 November, 2015 – President Jacob Zuma remains unapologetic for putting party before country, the ANC before the Constitution and the need for a “united, strong, cohesive and effective ANC” first on his list of priorities. Explaining his statement of 7 November on 16 November he says “The […]

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Resolutions of conference key to fighting graft in Africa

ON THE last occasion the Constitutional Court was required to consider the efficacy of the anti-corruption machinery of state in SA, our chief justice, writing for the majority of the court, opened with the following words: “All South Africans across the racial, religious, class and political divide are in broad agreement that corruption is rife […]

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