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The president, the public protector and respect for law

THE exceedingly overdue — yet most welcome — announcement by President Jacob Zuma that the long-running #PayBackTheMoney dispute concerning the so-called “security enhancements” at his home in Nkandla can be settled by way of a gracious capitulation on his part is not that hard to explain. The first clue is in the heads of argument […]

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Time to talk integrity: Accountability Now

Accountability Now director Paul Hoffman considers what President Jacob Zuma should say in his State of the Nation address on February 11 28 January 2016 -The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is one of the highlights of the annual political calendar. The President, acting as Head of the National Executive, assembles parliamentarians, provincial premiers […]

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Arrest rate shows hobbled Hawks hardly functioning

A YEAR has flown by since the Constitutional Court delivered its judgment in the latest round of public interest litigation in which businessman Bob Glenister and the Helen Suzman Foundation have participated either as applicant or, in the case of the foundation, as amicus curiae. Let’s call the case “Glenister III”. The litigation, which has […]

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African walkout from ICC runs contrary to obligations

IT WAS unseasonably hot in Midrand when the African National Congress (ANC) held its national general council meeting in October last year. Perhaps the heat explains its lamentable and ill-considered resolution to withdraw SA from the International Criminal Court (ICC) and orchestrate an Africa-wide walkout. The decision is reminiscent of one taken in Polokwane in […]

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Waterfront ‘can rise’ from ashes

On Sunday, 29 November 2015 about 800 informal dwellings in Masiphumelele were razed to the ground in a huge fire fanned by a strong south-easter. Two lives were lost in the conflagration and the future of many more looks bleak as greater Cape Town winds down for the festive season. Assuming an average of 5 persons per dwelling, some 4000 souls […]

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