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The rise and fall of General Anwa Dramat

It is now, at long last, official. Anwa Dramat, the head of the Hawks, or to give them their statutory name, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, has, according to the National Commissioner of Police “resigned” from the police and as the leader of the unit which, in constitutional terms, is meant to be adequately […]

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Is Dentons up to ‘diving’ the murky depths at Eskom?

THE choice of Dentons to do Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown’s “deep dive” into the financial malfunctioning of Eskom is an interesting one that has elicited quite a bit of muttered, and possibly green-eyed, comment in the legal fraternity. While Dentons has been in Africa for about 50 years, it has been in Cape Town […]

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Our best hope for a brighter future

There is no doubt that times are tough in our newly democratic SA. As we celebrate twenty one years of constitutionalism under the rule of law problems of poverty, inequality and joblessness remain unsolved. Our basic education system does not give the youth of the country an appropriate start in life due to its dysfunctional […]

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Those who are governed are not ruled

It is notorious that old habits die hard. That is certainly the case when it comes to adapting the SA national mind-set to the realities of our post-liberation constitutionalism as ushered in over 20 years ago. If the necessary adaptation is not successfully effected then the seeds of constitutionalism may find themselves on barren ground, […]

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The case for prisoner transfer agreements

Dated statistics, produced by the Department of Correctional Services in 2011, indicate that there were then about 5,000 foreign prisoners serving time in SA jails. The figure for our citizens serving time in foreign jails (mainly for drug related offences) is informally estimated at approximately 1,000, possibly more. Many may not be dealers but rather […]

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Changing the rules of engagement with regard to countering the poaching of rhino in SA

  2nd February 2015   The Honourable Ministers of Police, Defence and Veterans and Justice and Correctional services, RE: Changing the Rules of Engagement with regard to countering the poaching of rhino in SA We write to you at the request of the Minister of Environmental Affairs, the Honourable Edna Molewa, who concurs in our […]

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