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The Greater Masiphumele Development Plan

From: Paul Hoffman Sent: 10 March 2016 10:57 PM To: Felicity Purchase Cc:; Helen Zille Subject: The Greater Masiphumele Development Plan Dear Alderman Purchase, Please provide us with a copy of the Greater Masiphumelele Development Plan. We are concerned that a low intensity, but nevertheless dire, humanitarian disaster is playing out in the informal […]

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Deputy Minister Manana meets the ‘Manyana Syndrome’

The Spanish word for “tomorrow” is mañana (or “manyana”); in English it has taken on the meaning “an unspecified time in the future”. In the limping and dysfunctional criminal justice administration of South Africa, the manyana syndrome is a prominent feature of the way things are done. Every accused person has a guaranteed right to […]

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Creating an accountable SA via an inviolate anti-corruption unit

CAPE TOWN — Just as constitutionally changing the proportional representation system to make politicians individually accountable to the electorate would radically improve our democracy, so too would an inviolate anti-corruption unit. Creating a unit with the expertise and determination of the politically-disbanded Scorpions, is the culmination of ideas from two top thought leaders. John Kane-Berman, consultant […]

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INDEPENDENCE OF THE HAWKS – ANC claims it is fighting corruption, but evidence points the other way

“There can be no gainsaying that corruption threatens to fell at the knees virtually everything we hold dear and precious in our hard-won constitutional order. It blatantly undermines the democratic ethos, the institutions of democracy, the rule of law and the foundational values of our nascent constitutional project.” Judge Dikgang Moseneke and Judge Edwin Cameron […]

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Which comes first: The ANC or the Constitution?

Paul Hoffman says those voting in the MONOCO debate bear an awesome responsibility. All of 110 years ago the American Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes made a speech in which he is reported to have said: ““we are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is…” In South Africa today, […]

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The fight for the Scorpions was not in vain

Paul Hoffman says the Glenister cases set important legal precedents.   While the naming and shaming of those who voted the Scorpions out of existence is a timely and valuable exercise, there are positives which have emerged from the messy business of changing the law to suit the convenience (and freedom) of crooked leaders and […]

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Flirtation with tyranny

President Jacob Zuma surely knows that the parliamentary sovereignty of the union and the republic that preceded the establishment of our constitutional order were not a success and did not serve the interests of all the people of SA. His flirtation with the notion that the supremacy of the Constitution should be replaced with the […]

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