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Rumours of an impending cabinet reshuffle

Letter from Carol Bower (Chairperson of the board – Quaker Peace Centre) to President Jacob Zuma 28th March 2017 President Jacob Zuma The Presidency Pretoria Republic of South Africa. By email to Dear Mr President, Re: Rumours of an impending cabinet reshuffle. While the Quaker Peace Centre (QPC) respects your presidential discretion to appoint […]

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#19 Section 27: THE RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE, FOOD, WATER AND SOCIAL SECURITY Everyone has the right to health care services, for all their health care needs including reproduction. The citizens of South Africa also have a right to sufficient food and water, along with social security if they are unable to support themselves and […]

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Op-Ed: Zuma’s strength lies in his band of compurgators

The supportive howling and catcalls from the ANC back benches during the SONA debate could be described as an act of compurgation for a president who is so compromised and conflicted that he has been credibly dubbed a “constitutional delinquent” by the opposition. Compurgation has medieval roots and its revival in modern politics is not […]

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