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The fight for the Scorpions was not in vain

Paul Hoffman says the Glenister cases set important legal precedents.   While the naming and shaming of those who voted the Scorpions out of existence is a timely and valuable exercise, there are positives which have emerged from the messy business of changing the law to suit the convenience (and freedom) of crooked leaders and […]

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Flirtation with tyranny

President Jacob Zuma surely knows that the parliamentary sovereignty of the union and the republic that preceded the establishment of our constitutional order were not a success and did not serve the interests of all the people of SA. His flirtation with the notion that the supremacy of the Constitution should be replaced with the […]

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Theory on Public Protector’s deliberate ‘misstep’ to protect Zuma debunked

CAPE TOWN — When it comes to lawyers at daggers drawn over their respective theories, one is inclined to take the view of a Senior Counsel. Here Accountability Director, Paul Hoffman, SC, debunks former colleague, Andrea Robertson’s fascinating recent Biznews contribution about our increasingly-suspect Public Protector’s motives. In impeccable bench-side manner, he outlines the structural […]

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ANC can still save itself

Those ANC National Assembly caucus members who place their constitutional duties ahead of their party loyalties (as they should) have received good news from the Constitutional Court in its secret-vote judgment. Whether that vote is eventually carried out in secret or not, they are now immune to being disciplined successfully for voting in favour of […]

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