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Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Prof Motala’s defence of the Chief Justice is misplaced

Professor Zihad Motala, who was greeted by name when the chief justice delivered his controversial speech of 6 July 2013 to the members of Advocates for Transformation, was obviously not listening too carefully during the speech. Especially not so when the chief justice suggested that the time for “brutal introspection” on matters of transforming the […]

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Letter by Prof. George Devenish in answer to the Chief Justices speech

I refer to the address delivered at the Annual General Meeting Dinner of the Advocates for Transformation last week-end, by the Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng. Bearing in mind that the Chief Justice was speaking in his official capacity as the head of the judiciary in South Africa, the content and tone of his address have […]

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Draft article submitted to the CJ before publication

Speaking at the Advocates for Transformation Dinner held on 6 July 2013, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng complained of what he called the apparent resistance to change by a good number of fellow South Africans who, to him, benefitted from opportunities reserved exclusively for them by the apartheid system. The Chief Justice well knows that it […]

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Presentation of Honorary Doctorate to George Bizos SC

UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA PRESENTATION OF HONORARY DOCTORATE TO GEORGE BIZOS SC DELIVERED AT SPRING GRADUATION CEREMONY 9 DECEMBER 2011 By: Advocate George Bizos SC Constitutional Litigation Unit Legal Resources Centre BLAME NEITHER THE CONSTITUTION NOR THE COURTS It is my sincere pleasure to be with you all today. I first want to thank the University […]

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The Vaulting Ambition of Mogoeng Mogoeng

A tragedy of Shakespearian proportions played itself out when the Judicial Service Commission met over the weekend of 3rd to 4th September 2011 to interview the “preferred candidate” of Jacob Zuma for the post of Chief Justice of South Africa. As occurred in Macbeth, the “vaulting ambition” of the candidate, supported by a solid phalanx […]

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