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Basic Education Litigation

The Education Debate

Everyone in SA, child and adult alike, is entitled to a basic education according to our Bill of Rights – no ifs, no buts. In the first year of our current Constitution 1,19 million black learners entered the public school system in grade 1, most seeking the “quality education” that would lift them from poverty, […]

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Truly Professional Teachers Are Needed Now

Basic education, the process of learning and teaching the applicable curricula in our public schools up to matric level, inescapably occurs in the classroom, not in the 27,000 principals’ offices, not in the management offices of departments of education and not in our legislatures, be they national or provincial. This self-evident fact is not accorded […]

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The Constitution, Education and Racism

The Constitution of South Africa is founded on the values of non-racialism and non-sexism. Yet, fifteen years after the introduction of multi-party democracy, the “race debate”, which focuses on the nation’s habitual racism, continues unabated and unresolved. It is obviously one thing to call a country dedicated to non-racialism, as the Constitution does, and entirely […]

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